Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Drying Rack

I'm allowing myself one post-Jordan entry... and its about laundry.

I went to Target and bought a drying rack. Now, my parents have a great dryer, but I miss my drying rack. Actually, I miss drying my clothes on the line on top of my first roof in Jordan. Its ridiculous though. In the winter our clothes would hang for several days until they grew mildew, and they still wouldn't be dry. I would've given anything to have a dryer. Now, I MUST hang my clothes.

Hanging clothes to dry isn't only about the crispness of the laundry or the saving of energy. To me, it represents a simpler life. One in which I scheduled time in my day to hang clothes, wash dishes, and cook from scratch. I once thought that chores like these took away precious time and the invention of machines made life easier. Yet it almost felt like such chores kept life paced and simple. Routine. They gave time to think and pray and listen to music and talk to whoever may be coming or going.

I hope that I will always have a drying rack instead of a dryer, just as reminder to keep life slower, simpler. And to retain a part of my old and uncomplicated Levant life.

My neighbor's laundry hanging to dry. One of my favorite sites.


CW said...

Holla on the drying racks. I haven't used a dryer since I moved back from CZ either. Except for extreme situations. I even hang my towels, which leaves them crispy, but I don't care. :)

Laura said...

You should keep writing on the blog I like it!!

Shaela said...

Hi Katie,

So I decided to comment on your blog even at the risk of looking like a stalker! I came across your blog and would love to email you and ask you some questions. I completely understand if you are hesitant! But I am a follower of Christ and I recently moved to the N. Dallas area. I worked with refugees in Amarillo before I moved here and the Lord gave me opportunities to build relationships with some wonderful Iraqi women. Hence the desire to talk to you!!! Please email me if you have time and if you are comfortable with doing so!

Anonymous said...

You are one of a kind Katie. And I love you. -Lina