Saturday, October 29, 2011

Another Blog about Running!

My favorite thing about races here... its all about the party! I just ran another 10k through Amman, and more energy is exerted into the pre-race and post-race celebration than into the actual race. I love it! The chaos and confusion, the music, the smoke, the little kids, and Arab running attire....

Top 10 Differences

1. Pre-race cigerrette smoking
2. Running in jeans
3. Stage with choreographed dancing at the start line
4. Additional celebratory pre-race dancing among the runners
4. The Royal Family in attendance
5. Running out of water at the finish line!!! (Marathon runners were arriving parched and the water was gone!)
6. Running out of medals
7. Bagpipes!
8. Everyone under the age of 20
9. Women running in skirts and boots
10. Runners making zig-zags through the streets
11. Random men on roller blades skating against the traffic of runners

I will miss the celebration and randomness of running with friends through the streets of ancient Amman!

Wearing jeans at the Start Line

Running in boots and skirts

Bagpipe Celebration

Thanks for the pics, Julia!